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Hugly and the Missing Carrots

Hugly and the Missing Carrots introduces friendly characters who live happily together and have their own place in their world. Even the one who is less “eco” than the others is accepted and simply encouraged to change his ways, rather than seen as an antagonist, which is refreshing.

Subtle notes on nature are included which I enjoyed, making it a richer story than just “who stole the carrots?” The size of the book is good for little hands, and the illustrations are bright and cheerful and good for encouraging children to spot characters and colours. I like the way some words are emphasised to help with reading out loud and for non-reading children to spot.



The children I’ve read it with enjoyed it, and wanted to read it again straight away which is a recommendation in itself! I think parents will enjoy the extras like carrot seeds and a recipe (vegan – which is great to see). I admit to making it with similar ingredients I had available, and I didn’t put the frosting on, so it wasn’t as tasty as I expect it should have been! So don’t take my word for it on the recipe… 😉

But do consider getting a copy for younger children and families, it’s a great springboard for all kinds of conversations with various ages, and of course the cooking and growing sections mean it will be returned to again and again and become a family favourite, I’m sure.


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Winners will be picked on August 20th, so be quick to be in with a chance to win a copy of this lovely book.

(the book can be purchased directly via their website, click the book image above)


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