EOS was founded by Lorena and Jane, two home educating mothers from the East of England, to produce a magazine they would have loved to read when they first started home educating.

Jane has since moved on to start Bird’s Nest Books, collaborating with Ross Mountney to produce “Who’s Not in School?” a book for younger children, beautifully illustrated by a home educated young man, James Robinson.

The Company:

Education Outside School is an independent organisation, not allied with any other home education group or organisation. We do not purport to represent home educators in the UK or elsewhere. Any opinions expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the editors.


Education Outside School is a Community Interest Company (CIC), Reg No 08824730


What is a Community Interest Company?

A CIC is a special kind of company. It can be a company limited by shares, or limited by guarantee (a “not for profit”). However, incorporating as a CIC goes one step further – think of it as a hybrid between a traditional company and a charity. Many of them are also known as Social Enterprises. A CIC operates just like any other company – it trades to pay its running costs, and aims to make a surplus on top of that.
The difference comes in the use of that surplus. A standard company might reinvest it back into the business, or traditionally would use it to pay its Directors and Shareholders a bonus. A “not for profit” company does not have shareholders, and a CIC is not allowed to pay out in that way – it must use its surplus to benefit its community.
To define its community and the ways in which it intends to benefit it, a CIC must have a Community Interest Statement.

The CIC Regulator monitors all Community Interest Companies. For more details visit the website here

For more information about CICs in general, look here


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